Each day our volunteers and partners have worked together to achieve development outcomes. We know that you’ve been challenged and inspired every day and that you’ve built relationships that stretch across the world. This is your chance to share your story, thank a friend or reflect on your experience with Scope Global.

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Margaret Duffield

I am a returned volunteer having spent 6 months in Ampara, Sri Lanka. This was my first long-term volunteer experience, and what a wonderful experience it was. I learned so much about the country, and the welcoming, generous and kind Sri Lankan people. Working with English teachers and students in the Vocational Education system was both a rewarding and eye-opening experience. I found out the great value they place on education with students and teachers often travelling many kilometres to teach or attend classes – and over hazardous roads. One of the teachers I worked with sent me a text – “Madam, I cannot come today as I have hit a cow!” – but he was there the next day. Working within a large bureaucracy was, at times, frustrating but to see teachers develop and grow was worth it. Along the way Scope Global were always supportive and I thank them for that. Because of this I am not just a returned volunteer from Sri Lanka but am a returning volunteer as well. I have taken on a second assignment in Sri Lanka doing the same thing albeit in a different city. The experience of Sri Lanka - the people, the country, the history, the lasting friendships with other AVID volunteers – was, and continues to be, an amazing journey adding a great richness to my life.

Returned volunteer

Ben Clare

10 unforgettable years, 4 amazing assignments, hundreds of friends made along the way, an established career in the disability development sector, just a few of so many positives as a result of my association with Scope Global and AVID! The team at Scope Global, Globe Medical etc are the perfect example of disability inclusion. Being vision impaired just did not matter, no barriers existed to my participation and where challenges arose, the support offered was just unbelievable. I'm a bit emotional writing this... The biggest thanks ever to the host organisations, Scope ICM teams, Adelaide staff, Globe Medical, Insurance, fellow facilitators and everyone I have accidentally left out. It is an honour to be part of the Scope Global volunteer family.

Returned volunteer

Indonesian Street Child Organization

On behalf of ISCO Foundation, I would like to send my biggest gratitude to all of the volunteers who have been working with us. Thank you so much for transforming us as we are now, and again, thank you for every little thing you have shared which positively impacted the growth of ISCO Foundation so it becomes better from time to time. Shaun and Tamara were smart person who are creative and open minded. They shared their knowledge to grow ISCO and having fun with the children. ISCO Foundation (known as Yayasan ISCO in Indonesian) is a non-government organization, whose particular focus is enabling children who live in poverty to receive an education and achieve their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens of Indonesia.

ISCO Foundation, host organisation

Donna Phillips Ryan

Over several placements from 2013 to October 2017 I worked alongside lecturers and students at Champasack University in Pakse, Laos. My most recent seven -month assignment was as an Academic Training and Development Officer (ESL). While based in the English Department within the Faculty of Education, I supported program participants from offices and faculties across the university and also immensely enjoyed observation and team teaching opportunities that enabled me to interact with the students in and out of the lecture room. My time in Laos has been a significant chapter in my journey of lifelong learning - I have learnt so much from my Lao colleagues about education and also about their culture. I thank them for their warm acceptance, humour and kindness. I wish them all the best in overcoming future challenges. Thank you too to the Scope Global In Country team – David, Alie and Somchit-whose support ensured I could concentrate on the attainment of assignment goals.

Returned volunteer